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  • There are more than 7,000 Health products got approval by SFDA, but only some 2,800 products sold on the market. It can be classified into several major categories:1) Beauty and skin-nourishing ProductsIt owns the largest market share in healthcare indu...
  • There are more than 7,000 Health products got approval by SFDA, but only some 2,800 products sold on the market. It can be classified into several major categories:

    1) Beauty and skin-nourishing Products

    It owns the largest market share in healthcare industry. According to statistics from a research institution, the saleroom of beauty products reached 3.54 Billion Yuan (about US$ 442.5 Million) in 2001. It includes three styles: restorative products, anti-toxin products and anti-caducity products.

    2) Weight loss Programme

    Weight loss products got universal popular among younger female. A lot of new products appear in the market and is replacing the old ones gradually. And Qumei is a one of the leading brands in China.

    3) Sleep Support

    At present, there are 150 million people suffer from insomnia and 300 million people low-quality of sleeping. Among them, 200 million people living in urban areas. It provides a large potential market for sleep-improving products.

    4) Enriching Blood Products

    Enriching blood products have a stable market in big-and-middle city in China. Major brands include: Red Hearts K, Dong-E E-Jiao and so on.

    5) Enriching Calcium Products and Nutritional Supplements

    There are more than 200 producers of enriching calcium in the market of China. Due to the large demand of urban and suburb people for it, a large potential stilled exist. And the competition among different producer will be more and more severe.

    China is one of the biggest producers of vitamin in the world. It stands in a high level scientifically and technologically. However, China isnt a big consumer country for vitamin, compared to European countries and American.

    6) Products for Enriching Kidney

    It has a big consumer group in male people for enriching kidney products. It is because that people regard kidney as a special organ in the traditional medicine theory.

    7) Anti-aging Products

    There are two kind of anti-fatigue products: one is only for athletes, the other is for common people. And the major ingredients will be gen-seng.

    8) Products for Benefit to Brain and Intelligence

    Children and Students is the biggest user group for this kind of products.

    9) Lipid-reducing products

    According to statistics, there are 8000 people suffer from high-lipid. As estimated, the demand for lipid-reducing products will be more than 10 billion Yuan (US$ 1.25 Billion). Currently, there are about 2000 kind of products in China.



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