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  • Month in Review (July, 2009)
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  • Month in Review (July, 2009)
  • Month in Review  (July, 2009)...
  • 2009-08-21
  • Month in Review  (July, 2009)


    The Implementation Ordinance of Food Safety Law of PRC issued


    On July 20, 2009, Chinese Prime Minister Wen jiabao signed the State Council Order No. 557, publishing the Implementation Ordinance of Food Safety Law of PRC, which came into effect at the same time. The Ordinance stress that, enterprises hold major responsibility of food Safety, which needs to further strengthen the prevention measures, the controlling of manufacturing operations, and tracking system after food safety incidents; and governments need to intensified their functions in market supervision and administration, also enhance cooperation and collaboration between different governments agencies. 



    MOH: Propolis and Chinese caterpillar fungus are prohibited as food ingredients


    On 6th of August, the Ministry of Health issued a document that reply to the enquiry of Shanghai Food and Drug Administration. The document formulated that propolis and Chinese caterpillar fungus (IJ)are prohibited to use as food ingredients. This document is against the current situation that such ingredients like propolis were sold popularly as general food in the market. Some industrial experts also questioned that up to now, there are no regulations which specify the list or categories which can be used in food.



    MOFCOM: Administration of Food Safety in Circulation Process


    On 30th July, Ministry of Commerce issued Order No. 43, Provisions for Administration of Food Safety in Circulation Process, and Order No. 44, Provisions for Administration of Food Circulation License.



    New Provisions for Administration of Health Food in drafting


    The Legislative Affairs Committee of the State Council is drafting new Provisions for Administration of Health Food. The New regulation was made focused on several aspects: the definition, registration system, operation permissions of health food.



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