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  • Month in Review(May)
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  • 2009-06-24

     The Food Safety Law of Peoples Republic of China came into effect on 1st of June, accordingly, many related rules and regulations are facing adjustment or re-drafting. The first one goes to the Provisions for Health Food Supervision and Administration (draft).


    Provisions for Health Food Supervision and Administration (draft) soliciting opinions


    On 31th of May, State Council Legislative Affairs Office announced to solicit opinions to the society on the Provisions for Health Food Supervision and Administration (draft), which is drafted by Ministry of Health for approval. The Provisions, which work with the Food Safety Law, provides guidance on each tache of supervision in health food industry. An enterprises meeting organized by the Legislative Affairs Office also held on 15th this month for them knowing opinions from health food companies. Dahong Wang, one of participants from China Health Care Association told that a suggestion letter, which collected opinions from major companies, is in preparation and expected to sign by major health food enterprises all together to submit.


    For the full text of the Provision, please visit:

    http://www.shuzheng.com/newspub/yanxianni.php?tid=5&id=35307 (Chinese version)



    MOH strengthening the administrative of sanitary standard


    In order to enhancing the administrative of sanitary standard, Ministry of Health Published 3 rules on its website, that is Provisions for Sanitary Standard Auditing, Provisions for enacting (adjustment) of Sanitary Standard Items, and Evaluation methods on the quantitive work of Sanitary Standard Professional Committee published by Ministry of Health (MOH) (MOH No.200936)



    New health food auditing experts will be appointed by SFDA


    At the expiration of office terms of ex-auditing experts, State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) announced Notice on the Recommendation of Health Food Auditing Experts on 12th of May. Those experts play vital role in the health food registration process.



    SFDA soliciting opinions on the administration of registration of health food with probiotic and Soybean Isoflavones ingredients on 13th of May

    For more, pls review: http://www.sda.gov.cn/WS01/CL0014/37878.html



    AQSIQ held meeting on the implementation of Food Safety Law.


    On 7th of May, State Administration for Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine held meeting, and proposed to build up and consummate 8 systems, that is: Market Access System for Food Operator, Market Access System for Food Quality, Food Market Supervision and Inspection System, Sample Testing and delisting System; Classified Supervision System in Food Market, Food Safety Alarming and Rapid Response System, Advertisement Administration System of Food Safety, Coordinating System in Food Safety Supervision Departments.  
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