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  • China Will Set Up State-level Food Safety Commission
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  • China Will Set Up State-level Food Safety Commission
  • Luo Yunbo, a famous food safety expert in China...
  • 2009-04-21
  • Luo Yunbo, a famous food safety expert in China, has disclosed to local media that China is to set up a state-level food safety commission to oversee the nation's entire food monitoring system.


    The new commission, which is said to be at a level higher than most other Chinese ministries and commissions and led by one of China's top officials, will mainly work on the study of China's macro food safety strategies and the division of responsibilities in times of emergency. However, the commission will not have any representatives from the food industry.


    According to Luo, three organizations, the State Food Safety Science and Technology Commission, the State Food Safety Risk Assessment Commission, and the State Food Safety Standard Commission, will provide technical support to this state-level food safety commission. Luo stated that most of the personnel for the commission, which consist of government representatives and scholars recommended by research institutions, have been identified and their names will be published soon.


    Luo added that after the commission is established, it will take action to abolish the label-affixing abuses.(from China CSR)

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